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The Bard of Lost Tales

by Lonely Mountain Band

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    **You also get 3 Bonus Tracks**
    The VERY FIRST rehearsal audio of "The Shores of Faery" & "The Fall of Gondolin" from 2 years ago! These are raw, in the studio rehearsals playing the songs for the first time together with Peter Walker! This enables an inside perspective of how 2 of the songs grew from their original live rehearsal to the full production versions now on the album. The "Shores of Faery" rehearsal bonus track even has alternate vocals featuring Peter Walker taking the lead vocal.
    ** "THE WANDERER" - you get this new song as well - which is a new rendition of the song by the famed wandering minstrel Peter Pringle. The song is based on the Old English poem of the same name.
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Lyrics in the digital liner notes
Perhaps you can find and interpret the lyrics?
Standing on the shore tonight Seven stars sing a song of light A song of challenge and a prophecy In the darkness wrapped in night See the signs with a wizard’s sight A song of challenge and a prophecy When The Eagles appear in the sky The men of the west will cry As lightning flashes across the sky The Lords of the West will fly The Lords of the West will fly Resting in the last beam of light Ancient steel burning silver-bright A sword of challenge, from a prophecy In the light of the reddening sun Gazing west the warrior comes A song of challenge and a prophecy When The Eagles appear in the sky The men of the west will cry As lightning flashes across the sky The Lords of the West will fly The Lords of the West will fly
In the dawn of the world When the sun first set sail And the Eldar realms unfurled Aelin-uial Twilight dreams for the elves Hidden deep their halls to delve But unquiet in his heart Turgon searched for realms apart Hidden from the dark lord's art Came wise words by the sea In Vinyamar leave thee A helm, mail and sword To the hidden valley Strong city on a hill In the hidden valley White with dazzling halls… Gondolin In the sun glittering By the moon shimmering Snow-white birds over fountains sing On the hidden rock water rings Gleaming marble and carved stone Singing rain of crystal shone In the tower Eldar King on his throne Trees of Silver and of Gold As in Valinor of old Yet their doom in fire foretold In the hidden valley Treason wakes in thy walls In the hidden valley Doom of Mandos calls… Gondolin A prophecy for the king Leave the pride of thy making From Nevrast last hope will bring The helm, mail & sword Borne by a blessed lord Signs from the sea by the king ignored In the hidden valley Fire wakes in thy walls In the hidden valley Great was thy fall Gondolin
The way was long, the wind was cold The minstrel was grey and old His tattered cloak, and tresses grey Seem'd to known a better day The harp, his sole remaining joy Was carried by an orphan boy The last of all the Bards, The last of all the Bards was he, The last of all the Bards, The last of all the Bards was he... Where his sword once hung, now a walking stick Where his songs were sung, now the land is sick In the court of kings, rang his ancient songs Now the hammer rings for orcish throngs And who can sing the healing words; Summon bright kings to vanquish dark hordes? Chorus In forgotten realms of elves and men He saw her dancing in twilight glen He sought her love over mountains blue But he never returned and the legend grew That he left his harp with an orphan boy Who learned his songs and knew the joy ... (of) Chorus Now the boy is grown, become a man With singing sword to heal the land And a rumour of song From birds on the wing Has the Harp returned? Can it truly be him? Chorus
Side by Side 04:17
Come with me into the night Through the fields on our flight Stand aside if your sword hand is lame We ride tonight into glory and fame Far away… oh so far away… Into a far country On we ride into the dream Through darkened wood and icy stream Valleys deep and mountains high In a red sunrise our banners fly Far away… oh so far away… Into a far country A far country So raise an ale and bid farewell There'll be songs to sing and tales to tell We'll ride with speed into the fight And our swords will sing…side by side Side by side we ride Side by side Side by side we ride Ravens gather the circling sky Cackling their song for men to die Across the field a thundering sound Warhorse charge pounding the ground Far away… oh so far away… Into a far country A far country
The King Beneath the Mountains, The King of Carven Stone, The Lord of Silver Fountains Shall come into his own! His crown shall be upholden, His harp shall be restrung, His halls shall echo golden To songs of yore re-sung. The woods shall wave on mountains And grass beneath the sun; His wealth shall flow as fountains And the rivers golden run. The streams shall run in gladness, The lakes shall shine and burn, All sorrow fail and sadness At the Mountain-king's return!
I breakfast with the sun every morning Stoke the fire, wake the forge Tie my braided hair, don my apron Tremble under tools handed down by the fathers The hammer feels heavy on my hands today I bow my heart and remember to pray “Oh Maker of the earth and The Children Hammer of The One, hear my cry Forge in me a heart of molten rock Until the Seven Fathers rise I seek not seven hoards Nor the seven rings Nor greed of gold that they bring Give my arm great strength Bid my anvil sing Let this blade to the orc Vengeance bring” I supper with this song every evening A fireside tale, time to rest the forge Loose my braided beard, hang my apron I brood upon the craft handed down by The Fathers The hammer felt light in my hand today I thank The Maker for this dwarven blade
I held your hand When you breathed your last There beside the Silverlode flowing fast But we held the vale And suffered not in vain Only halting before Durin's Bane And these wars we've won And deeds we've done Echo down Iron Hills today On a dark winter's day We held evil at bay Though I lost my brothers in the fray And these wars we've won And deeds we've done Are songs in the hills today
Unto the high sea The ship has sailed Passing into The West Until at last On a night of rain Sweet fragrance on the air The sound of singing Meets my ears The sound of singing From over the water The raining curtain of grey Turned all to silver glass Rolling back like a veil And the white shores beyond! The sound of singing Calms my fears The sound of singing From over the water Unto the high sea The ship sailed Passing into The West Until at last A far green country Under a swift sunrise The sound of singing Meets my ears The sound of singing Calms my fears The sound of singing Stills my tears The sound of singing From over the water From over the water
Instrumental on acoustic guitar


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released September 22, 2022

The Minstrels:

John Di Bartolo - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Ukulele, Whistles, Anglo-saxon Lyre, Shofar, Sound Effects & VST Instruments

Peter Walker - Harp, Bagpipes, Whistle, Vocals

All songs by Lonely Mountain Band unless otherwise noted in the digital liner notes PDF that comes bundled with the download.

Album cover painting by Manuel Guzman of LolosArt.com


all rights reserved



Lonely Mountain Band New York, New York

"Folk-fantasy" music. A minstrel wandering through Middle-earth & beyond the Western Seas. The music is primarily inspired by Tolkien's writing and the literature that inspired him. Occasionally wandering into other realms of fantasy & history. 4th album due to be released in 2022! ... more

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